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Item | Vanilla WoW Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia An item is something that a World of Warcraft player character can carry, either in their inventory, represented by an inventory icon, or tracked on a page in the character sheet.An item is a conceptual object in the player's head, not an object in the game world, although an item may also have an object associated with it. For example, clothing gear items are equipped, clothing gear objects ... Buy WoW Items, WoW Items, Cheap WoW Items for Sale - Raiditem Buy WoW items, WoW BoE gears on with safe and fast delivery. Offers various WoW items in cheap rate and 100% security. Buy WoW BoE gears with lower price. Not hesitate to buy cheap WoW items here. InventorySlotId | WoWWiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia This list is only meant to be used as a reference for reverse mapping while debugging, or possibly for use in macros. Graphical Explanation. The current IDs for Inventory Slots are: Regular inventory items Edit

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However Using the numeric designations for an equipment slot is a much more effective method as it eliminates the need to manually modify your macro when you upgrade a particular item. These Slot designations are particularly handy for Engineers whose Tinker enhancements and Engineering only items add and/or posses an "on use" ability for items ... Items and Equipment Listing for WoW - World of Warcraft

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Getting Spells IDs from WoW. Ask Question 2. 2. ... Save them in a xml or something with name id class combination e.g. so you can use it later for addons or sth.

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ELI5 How to determine item ids & bonus ids for SimCraft (self.CompetitiveWoW) submitted 2 years ago * by TangoAlee The title says it all. Can someone please explain to me how to use wowhead and others to figure out the item ...